WATCH - STERLING SILVER pocket watch. Elgin, one family owned. Open face, small dent on face. About 100 years old. Please call or text
The euphoria moonstone ring brings to you, when you wear it, is doubled because of the presence of 2 moonstones. This means that the happiness and love the moonstone brings will be doubled when you wear it. The design resembles an ant, which will remind you of how small things can make a big difference miraculously, just like a moonstone can in your life. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Representing the ancient Hindu styling of jewelry, shielded beauty moonstone ring is the perfect example of brilliant craftsmanship. Embellished with a gleaming moonstone with various healing properties, this ring will definitely bring about a change in your life making you wiser and getting you in touch with your emotional side. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
With a very unique design, all thanks to our hardworking designers, this ring is a great wear on specials occasions. Because the design is very unique, you will have a lot of people asking about it, be prepared. It seems like the moonstone is peeping out of a tunnel, a tunnel of hope, love, appreciation, and emotion, asking you to get in for great times ahead. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
The beauty of a ring is hidden in its core, in its center, which is moonstone in this one. The remarkable and unique blue fire on this stone just enhances the charm of this ring to another level. Added benefits of moonstone's healing will help you sort out your personal life and resolve old issues with loved ones. It is also the birthstone for the people born in June. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
The substantial moonstone in this Bonding Connection ring is the perfect fir for a selenophile. The connection with moon is aptly depicted by the links surrounding the moonstone. Let yourself link with the moonstone in an unbreakable bond, which will help you bond with your loved ones in a better way. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Moonstone was translated to a great personality for the ancient people because of its simple yet mesmerizing blue fire. Orb Of Night moonstone ring features an oval rainbow moonstone that is placed carefully by skilled craftsmen on the simple and elegant looking bezel. If you are someone with a very raw and minimalistic taste, then this ring will be perfect for you. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
The moonstone in this Alluring Bundle moonstone ring is something that blends in the design really well by giving this ring a funky uniformity. The bundle of droplets, that make up the design of the moonstone ring are arranged in a harmonious way, the same way a moonstone will arrange your life's problems so that you can solve them one at a time. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Our mother earth is made of 5 elements and all those elements are represented by 5 moonstones in this ring, which we call 'Elements Of Earth. These elements are the building blocks of our planet, just like the elements in our body. Every moonstone in this ring affects each of those elements to provide complete inner peace and tranquility to you. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
A ring should be something, which makes people want to get involved with you in a conversation wherever you go. And, 'Pliant Morning' moonstone ring is designed to do exactly that. There will be a change in the types of moonstone rings you've been buying because of it's exquisite design. If that's not enough, there are 4 moonstones to make your life happier and healthier with their healing powe...
The moonstone surrounded by stars is just the right concoction of the night in our Starry Night ring. The moonstone helps you sort all your thoughts into your consciousness, in addition to clearing your mind of the negativity that clouds positive thoughts. Moonstone is the symbol of the Bohemian style. It is more than just fashion, it is a spiritual awakening, a peaceful state of mind. www.gem...
Double beauty, double grace, and double chic. That's what this ring is all about. It appeals those who never settle for one, and always want more and more. Even the healing powers of moonstone are doubled with this ring to make your inner sparkle multiply. The design speaks of the efforts gone into its making. In a way, this ring has a lot of history. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Just like moon orbits around the earth, moonstone's character orbits around you to fill you with positive energy. And this ring captures that scenario in a very mesmerizing way by presenting an oval moonstone in an orbit of sterling silver. It shows how much they are both important for each other. Your dainty fingers will only increase the magic this ring already holds because it never looks ba...
Moon makes the universe a better place and moonstone makes this world a better place because both of them are an epitome of tranquility and insight. They give us humans a different perspective towards life. Wear this moonstone ring on a dark night and you will feel the enlightenment. It's moonstone will keep you going towards your goal by helping you concentrate better. And, the sterling silver...
Our spectra series is all about the moonstones and their spectrum. All the moonstones in this series are cut in a way that makes them highly reflective so that they can exhibit various colors, mainly blue and purple, when held against light. Apart from its stunning looks, a moonstone can magically bring you close to your loved ones even when they live away. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Moonstone is one of the holiest stones coming from the Indian sub-continent. It has been known to keep the wearer free from the nightmares. Wishful healer moonstone silver ring carries a minimalistic and immortal design approach, which will never go out of fashion. It is believed that moonstones can keep you safe if you are traveling in the night under the moonlight. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
Every person on this planet has a different story and our 'A Million Stories' moonstone ring is a tribute to each and every individual, their unique stories, and their individuality. The omnipresent moonstone is surrounded by all the people and their stories in the form of sterling silver pattern. This is a ring that will make you the center of attraction by making your story a special one with...
No other ring can define 'dainty' better than this outstanding piece of artwork. It's radiance is just other-worldly with the ability to spruce up even the sombrest days in just a jiffy. The moonstone in the middle just adds to its elegance and the whole package looks like it was tailored to perfection. If that's not enough, you always have moonstone to help you with your life and inch you clos...
This is a phenomenal-looking ring that multiplies the moonstone's abilities as It contains two of them. It is a ring that features round moonstones that look like nurturing eyes always looking at you, caring about you. These qualities are synonymous to moonstone's qualities as it is known to protect and nurture all who keep it by their side. It is known to get the wearers through difficult time...
The best thing about moonstone is that it has a subtle white blue color and a colorful luminescence. This makes it perfect for any kind of design, even an uncanny one like this. The oval moonstone in the middle just completes the picture of this completely different ring than what you have ever seen before. www.gemstonesilverjewelry.us
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